Transitioning To A Digital Economy

January 27, 2002By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

In last week’s New Year’s Address to the nation, the Prime Minister expressed disappointment on the delay in the privatisation of the Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (BaTelCo), but was firm in his belief that the Government has been successful in establishing the necessary preconditions which are critical for the transition to a digital economy and for … Read More

Telecommunication Services – Applications Invited

September 18, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

A “Call for Applications” for licences to operate public fixed radiocommunications systems and provide telecommunications services has been issued by the Public Utilities Commission. This is part of its ongoing effort to facilitate increased availability of high quality telecommunications services for Bahamian consumers – at lower prices – in accordance with the telecommunications liberalisation plans … Read More

Creating an Economic Environment For The Development of The Telecommunications Sector

July 31, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Effective August 1, licence fees for telecommunications sector service providers will be reduced. George E. Moss, Executive Director of the Public Utilities Commission, has announced a new fee structure, also indicating that *”…an important function of the PUC is the promotion of competition to provide consumers with wider choices at lower prices.”* Consequently, as a … Read More

The Bahamas Telecommunications System: Well Positioned For Redundancy, High Speed and Substantial Bandwidth

June 13, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Americas Region Caribbean Optical-Ring System (ARCOS) In Testing Phase The ring system planned to connect the United States market with New Providence, two southern islands in the Bahamas, three Caribbean islands and nine countries in Latin America is scheduled for completion during the third quarter of the year. Recently, New World Network, the company developing … Read More

Commencing E-Government In The Bahamas

June 8, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

The last decade of the twentieth century may well be described as the decade of the information highway. A globalised economy is triggering increased opportunities, particularly in the area of services and information technology. Rapidly, increasing volumes of information have become available to more and more people. The new technology is transforming voice and data … Read More

Developing a Vibrant E-Business Sector

May 31, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Sir William Allen Bahamas Minister of Finance In his 2001/2002 Budget Communication to the House of Assembly on Wednesday, May 30, Minister of Finance Sir William Allen reported that a Telecommunications Sector Policy has been completed as part of Government’s intention to rapidly press ahead with advances in the telecommunications industry and the privatisation of … Read More

Summit of the Americas Releases Statement on Connectivity

April 28, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

In addition to the Declaration of Quebec and Plan of Action, Hemispheric Leaders participating in the 3rd Summit of the Americas also issued a “Statement on Connectivity”. This joint Statement addressed the impact of new information technology and globalisation on the economies of the hemisphere and commits regional governments to act to provide for efficient … Read More

E-Business Development: Industry Working Group Formed

March 28, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Looking Towards An Information-Based, Knowledge-Driven Society The Bahamas Financial Services Board has spearheaded the establishment of a private-sector E-Business Working Group, with the intent of bringing together all the diverse groups and companies currently involved in the industry and to develop a cohesive approach to the long-term development of e-business in The Bahamas. “We see … Read More

E-Commerce: An Important Component of The Bahamas Services Sector Going Forward

March 3, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

BFSB’s CEO & Executive Director Wendy C. Warren was part of a Bahamian delegation participating in the February 19-20 Offshore E-Commerce Strategies Conference in Toronto, Canada. Ms. Warren was a featured speaker on an Exclusive Jurisdiction Power Panel charged with “Pinpointing The Key Advantages of Leading IBCs for Offshore E-Commerce”. Conference participants were advised that … Read More