Strategic planning for business cycles is an essential element for any successful business. In The Bahamas we believe this principle is equally important for individuals and families. Consequently, The Bahamas offers a comprehensive range of private wealth management options, or “The Bahamas Tool Kit”, and expert service providers are available to design an effective individual solution for your financial affairs.

As wealth increases, the structuring alternatives available similarly increase and as such the Tool Kit expands. Successful wealth management is a whole life process which is most effective when started early, and effectively managed to achieve agreed long term goals. A trust or company structure which may be valuable for protecting assets during life can be equally effective at managing their distribution following death. Indeed, the earlier a wealth management strategy is embraced the greater the potential collective benefits.

At its core the private wealth industry places greater priority on the formation of a relationship fashioned on maximising the efficiency of your financial assets. Whether this is accomplished by increasing the return, safeguarding against loss or ensuring efficient distribution, it is clearly a business relationship that may span generations. The financial services industry in The Bahamas is staffed and managed by a large pool of experienced professionals. With personnel committed to the local community, the client may be confident of continuity of service, which lies at the heart of the successful professional relationship.

Respect for personal confidentiality lies at the heart of Wealth Management and the Bahamian Government has long recognised and valued the right of the individual to confidentiality in financial matters. Clients may be assured that their affairs will be handled in a confidential, professional manner. The integrity and continuity offered by institutions located in The Bahamas should be important factors when considering a wealth management plan.

The Wealth Management Guide explores some of the key wealth management facilities offered from within The Bahamas.