In addition to the Declaration of Quebec and Plan of Action, Hemispheric Leaders participating in the 3rd Summit of the Americas also issued a “Statement on Connectivity”.

This joint Statement addressed the impact of new information technology and globalisation on the economies of the hemisphere and commits regional governments to act to provide for efficient and effective regulation of telecommunication technologies, so as to assure availability to all countries of the hemisphere.

In presenting Members of the House of Assembly with the official documents coming out of the Summit, Prime Minister Hubert A. Ingraham also pointed out that the Mexican President had announced his government’s decision to make its education satellite available for distance education purposes within the hemisphere, via the Inter-American Development Bank.

BFSB currently is spearheading an industry-wide E-Business Working Group, with early plans to submit a Report to the Bahamas Government on the short and long-term development of e-business in the Bahamas — including related Position Papers on both Connectivity and Education.

The Prime Minister’s official contribution to the Summit of the Americas dealt with “Realising Human Potential”. Referencing the recognition in Santiago (2nd Summit) of the overriding importance of education to the achievement of hemispheric objectives, Prime Minister Ingraham pointed out that the Summit’s focus on creating a prosperous community based on equity in The Americas will not be possible unless the hemisphere realises the full potential of its population. This requires the commitment of significant resources nationally and a high degree of cooperation across the hemisphere.