Information-based, Knowledge-driven Bahamian Society: E-commerce Developments

January 28, 2001By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

E-commerce necessarily must be an important component of The Bahamas’ services sector going forward, and so the Government gives priority focus to the development of electronic commerce. An internal e-commerce working group within the Ministry of Finance is refining a draft business plan for the government’s component of the transition to e-commerce and the eventual … Read More

Privatisation of BATELCO Nearing Completion

November 17, 2000By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT, Industry News

The Hon. Carl Bethel, Minister of Economic Development, commented on the increasing role of telecommunications companies in service-based economies such as The Bahamas as he reported on The Bahamas Government’s plans to privatise the state-owned Bahamas Telecommunications Corporation (Batelco). The Minister was addressing participants at a “Privatisation and Competitive Government” conference sponsored by the United … Read More

E-Business Legislation

November 14, 2000By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

E-COMMERCE DEVELOPMENTS ..Bahamas forging ahead with legislative developments Earlier in the year, BFSB presented to the Bahamas Government an E-Commerce Position Paper, detailing a strategy for The Bahamas to become a global leader as an electronic commerce and communications hub, including the development of enabling legislation. It also served on the Ministry of Finance’s National … Read More


October 10, 2000By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

As The Bahamas Government moves closer to presenting e-commerce legislation to Parliament, the Ministry of Finance’s legal advisor is stressing the importance of monitoring international trends on e-commerce regulations. Electronic business is a function of globalised activity, and it is important to have a sufficiently harmonised framework in place to accommodate its growth in the … Read More

Development of E-Commerce

June 24, 2000By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Industry Initiatives The Bahamas Financial Services Board has presented its Position Paper to the Ministry of Finance, indicating that the strategy for the development of an action plan is two-fold: -the development of enabling legislation and a strategy for The Bahamas to become a global leader as an electronic commerce and communications hub; and -the … Read More


February 14, 2000By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Rapidly increasing technology will have a profound affect on all commercial activity, making it impossible to erect the traditional boundaries that have contributed to how commerce is conducted. Minister of Finance William Allen has referred to the world wide web as a boundary-less, unregulated, omnipresent medium challenging the present legal and commercial frameworks. One, he … Read More