The Bahamas Financial Services Board (BFSB) has opened nominations for the 2016 Financial Services Industry (FSI) Excellence Awards. Introduced in 2001, these Awards recognize and pay tribute to the “People Power” that drives the sector. The programme is coordinated in collaboration with the Professional Industry Association Working Group (PIAWG), with nominations solicited from BFSB member firms.

This year the Gala Awards Dinner – when the awards will be presented – will be held on November 18th, at the Melia Nassau Beach Resort, Cable Beach.


There is a call for nominations in the following categories:

* **Executive of the Year**– CEO/Executive level;
* **Professional of the** – Management or Supervisory level;
* **Achiever of the Year** – Junior and Support levels;
* **Mentor of the Year**; and
* **Financial Services Development and Promotion**.

See the nominations guidelines and forms below. The deadline for nominations is 30th September, 2016, after which an independent Blue Ribbon Panel will select the 2016 Recipients.

##Special Awards##

In 2014 BFSB introduced the **“BFSB Appreciation Award”** for support to the organisation and its development and promotional activities – historically and ongoing. Further, Hon. C.V. Hope Strachan, M.P., Minister of Financial Services will present a special **”Minister’s Award”** as an integral part of this annual initiative – “recognizing excellence in financial services.” BFSB also will present a **Lifetime Achievement Award** for long service and substantial contribution to the industry. This Recipient for the Lifetime Award is selected by BFSB’s Board of Directors.

The special Awards will be presented at the annual Awards Dinner as well, as will be the 2016 **FSI Student of the Year** Award. That programme is being co-ordinated with the College of The Bahamas.

CEO Tanya McCartney says, *”We encourage member firm Human Resource Managers to undertake the coordination of nominations, in concert with CEOs and Managing Directors.”*

##2015 Award Recipients##

See [here]( for industry practitioners recognised in the 2015 FSI Excellence Awards programme.