BFSB’s International Business & Finance Summit ([IBFS]( will be hosted at the Grand Lucayan Resort on beautiful Grand Bahama Island, February 5-8, 2015.

BFSB CEO Aliya Allen notes that International Financial Centres (IFCs) have continued to exist in the midst of the regulatory onslaught in the last decade and a half. *“Indeed”*, she says, *”IFCs and the service providers within them have become accustomed to reinventing themselves and meeting the challenge to develop value propo¬sition for competitive positioning. The Bahamas has been well positioned in terms of its broad toolkit of products and services but has not been immune from having to take a more holistic view of its financial and international business sector.”* Following up on earlier themes of Staying Ahead of the Game and Survival of the Fitness, IBFS 2015 will focus on “Creating a New Legacy”. In this context it will look at how IFCs are navigating the winds of change, ever in pursuit of the level playing field, examine this jurisdiction’s building blocks for a new legacy, and review how tradition can interweave with innovation for customized client solutions.

The Bahamas Financial Services Retreat, the precursor event to the International Business & Finance Summit (IBFS), was the annual meeting place for 100-plus leading stakeholders in the financial services industry in The Bahamas for business development and networking in an off-site location. In 2010 the event transitioned into the International Business & Finance Summit (IBFS), and since then has attracted leading global players each year to travel to The Bahamas and engage in dialogue about the global industry and implications for The Bahamas.

The advice garnered from the annual event – combined with the experience itself – has proven beneficial not only to the Bahamian financial institutions and service providers but to international guests in their ongoing assessment of global options to meet corporate and personal plans, and lifestyle opportunities.

Contact BFSB for details on the agenda and speaking opportunities.