The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) is pleased to announce that the Nalbra Overseas Fund Corp., the Powder Multistrategy Fund Limited, and the Rio Real Participacoes Fund Inc. have completed the BISX Mutual Fund Listing Process and have been added to the roster of funds listed on the Exchange.

All three are non diversified, open end investment funds, seeking capital appreciation by investing in a variety of instruments and financial products. Icatu Gestao Patrimonial Ltda serves as Investment Manager for Nalbra Overseas Fund Corp. and Rio Real Participacoes Fund, while Perfin Administração de Recursos Ltda serves as the Investment Manager for The Powder Multistrategy Fund.

BISX Chief Executive Officer Keith Davies says, “We continue to build on the success of investments that we made in establishing close working relationships with our Sponsor Members and the wider Bahamian Financial Services Industry. These listings are also positive proof of the value that our industry continues to add to its clients. We are confident that our market is moving steadily towards the day when listings of this nature are considered common place, and are a part of the normal course of doing fund business in The Bahamas.”

Credit Suisse, AG, Nassau Branch served as the BISX Sponsor Member that brought these Funds to the Exchange and Credit Suisse AG, Nassau Branch has been appointed as the Administrator for all three funds.