The suspense was ended last night at BFSB’s Awards Dinner when the 2010 Recipients of the annual [Excellence Awards]( were announced at the Sheraton Nassau Beach Resort. The AOTY award goes to an industry practitioner who has demonstrated *”outstanding work ethics and professionalism in executing duties, and who has accomplished personal and corporate goals.”*

##ACHIEVER OF THE YEAR 2010 – Dominique L. Glinton##

Dominique Lavern Glinton joined Glinton Sweeting O’Brien (GSO) on November 22, 2005, just three weeks after the firm’s formation. At that time, GSO comprised only three attorneys and an Accounts Supervisor; today, some five years later, the firm has grown to seven attorneys and eleven members of staff.

During her first three years, Dominique planned and executed virtually all of the firm’s day to day administration. She functioned as Legal Administrator, Office Manager, Property Manager for the office premises and served as an important liaison between the Firm and various Government agencies such as the Registrar General’ Department, the Central Bank, the Investments Board, the Business License and Valuation Department, and the Immigration Department. As the firm expanded from 5 to 18 persons, Dominique has helped to provide continuity. She has been instrumental in identifying the firm’s needs and finding the very best personnel to fill the positions required for legal and office administration.

Dominique cheerfully accepted an ever increasing role in the firm from the very first day, demonstrating her ability to assume responsibilities necessary to carry out the mandates of the Partners and the advancement of their collective vision, while also addressing the concerns of the staff. She is a high achiever, helping to manage the heavy case load of the firm’s litigation department, while serving as a Legal Assistant to two litigation attorneys. She also serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Finance & Operations (DFO). In this role, she supports the DFO with all of his nonfinancial management duties, including Human Resource matters. IT matters, property management matters, reviewing service contracts and all event planning for the firm. Under Customer Service & Reception duties she provides support in various areas such as answering telephones, assisting visitors and resolving a range of administrative problems and inquiries.

Her colleagues describe her as an energetic employee who pursues excellence in all she does and, in particular, praise as “exemplary” her initiative, professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to whatever task she undertakes.

Prior to joining GSO, Dominique served as an Administrative Assistant at Lennox Paton and at McKinney, Bancroft & Hughes.

Dominique currently is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Human Resource Management from Atlantic College, and is due to complete her studies by the end of year 2011.

The 2010 Achiever also received the first ever Professional Education Prize, presented by the Association of International Banks & Trust Companies in The Bahamas (AIBT).

*AOTY Photo Caption : Left to Right – BFSB Chairman Paul Winder, Deputy Prime Minister the Hon. T. Brent Symonette, Dominique L. Glinton, AIBT Chairman David Thain.*