**’You & Us’**

UBS, the world’s largest wealth manager, has launched a global advertising campaign centred around the theme ‘You & Us — Could this be the world’s most powerful two person financial firm?’. The concept communicates the bank’s client-focused approach.

*”Each advertisement highlights our global strength and resources, alongside the personalised nature of a relationship — where advisors and professionals work as partners with their clients. We now deliver ‘one firm’ to clients across businesses — focusing above all on their needs and goals. Our new campaign reflects this and puts it at the core of the client experience,”* said Bernard Eggli, Head of Brand Communications at UBS.

The campaign includes print and broadcast advertisements, events, exhibitions, sponsorship and internal initiatives.

Christian Bachofner, Management Support at UBS (Bahamas) Ltd., says *”The global character of the campaign will definitively also serve the office in Nassau with its global clientele.”*He continued, * “’You & Us’ also supports us as a relatively small operation since our expertise in relationship management is addressed regardless of the size of an office. That we can – and do – provide access for our clients to the global resources of UBS is taken as a given, in any event.”*

Television ads for UBS began airing in late February on cable and network shows and will air on programs such as 60 Minutes, The West Wing, Law & Order, Today, Meet the Press, Fox News, CNN, and major golf and tennis tournaments.

The first print advertisement appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and the Financial Times. A number of international airports will also feature billboard displays.

In addition, the campaign will run in the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, China, Australia (all translated into local language) and mainstream business and financial press.

*”At the end of the day, for UBS customers, while the scale and depth of resources that can be brought to bear on their finances is essential, it’s the quality of the relationship that really matters,”*said Andy Bateman, Worldwide Account Director at Publicis, advertising agency for UBS. *”We are, after all, talking about people’s money! The idea of creating an advertising concept around the notion of feeling like a two person financial firm communicates very clearly and immediately. Its popularity is that it simply transmits the promise of a real relationship.”*