Cable Bahamas reports that its net income for the full year 2003 increased by 24.6% to some $9.063 million. Total revenues increased by 16% rising from $36.901 million the previous year to $42.812 million. Operating income increased 13.6%, to $19.762 million, while net revenues and gross revenues grew 16.6% and 16% to $40.811 million and $42.812 million, respectively.

By creating a multi-functional high bandwidth network from its foundational design, Cable Bahamas says it has left open a myriad of possibilities for future developments and expansion into new markets in The Bahamas and The Caribbean and Latin American regions. Like the growth the company has seen in share value, its initial investment in leading edge technology – on which the company’s broadband network is built – is expected to see exponential growth for many years to come.

Cable Bahamas has been providing cable television services in The Bahamas since March 1995, and Internet services since March 2000.