The ongoing Apprenticeship Program offered by Credit Suisse provides opportunities for young Bahamians to gain practical career skills along with academic theory. The programme involves a three-year scholarship, affording selected applicants (high school graduates) the opportunity to further their education at the College of The Bahamas (Associate degree level), and to simultaneously gain valuable employment experience.

The apprenticeship programme is especially beneficial to persons pursuing degrees in Business Courses, as it is an opportunity to apply the theoretical aspect of business administration while getting the practical “hands-on” experience.

The objective during the first year of the apprenticeship is to provide general knowledge and an orientation of the activities and job functions within an offshore bank. During the second year, the purpose is to further develop basic banking skills. The aim of the third and final year is to apply both theory and practice (acquired during the first two years) with on-the-job assignments on a full time basis in all departments of the bank (i.e. Financial Reporting, Asset Administration, Payments, Securities, Treasury, Compliance, Corporate Services and Audit). Candidates would also use this year as preparation for their future careers.

BFSB salutes Credit Suisse on this initiative. The Financial Centre Focus (FCF) programme launched by BFSB in 2001 recognises that *”attracting and maintaining qualified industry professionals”* is an integral part of facilitating the growth and development of the financial services industry.