The U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is inviting views and comments on its Draft FY 2003-2008 Strategic Plan. According to James E. Sloan, FinCEN’s Director, the document will serve as a guide for enhancing existing products and services while building on FinCEN’s new responsibilities under the USA Patriot Act. *(See link below for copy of draft plan)*

As a “network” – a means of bringing people and information together to fight the complex problem of money laundering – FinCEN works to maximise information sharing among law enforcement agencies and its other partners in the regulatory and financial communities. Through cooperation and partnerships, the network approach encourages cost-effective and efficient measures to combat money laundering domestically and internationally. It says, *”Working together is critical in succeeding against today’s criminals.”*

All ‘stakeholders’ are invited to comment on the Strategic Plan, by August 22, 2003. (See email contact below)


The mission of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network is to support law enforcement investigative efforts and foster interagency and global cooperation against domestic and international financial crimes; and to provide U.S. policy makers with strategic analyses of domestic and worldwide money laundering developments, trends and patterns. FinCEN works toward those ends through information collection, analysis and sharing, as well as technological assistance and innovative, cost-effective implementation of the Bank Secrecy Act and other Treasury authorities.