The Bahamas: A Thriving International Financial Centre

March 2, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

(Excerpt from an address by the Hon. William C. Allen, Minister of Finance, to the 4th Annual Roundtable Meeting of the Council of Securities Regulators of the Americas – COSRA) The Bahamian economy is predominantly engaged in the provision of international services – tourism, finance, transshipping, etc. Through the promotion of itself as an international … Read More

The Emerging Capital Market in The Bahamas

March 2, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

Maintaining The Competitiveness Of The Bahamas’ Financial Services Sector There are complexities involved in maintaining a well regulated successful jurisdiction, not the least of which is that of combining sufficient regulatory oversight to ensure the systems integrity with sufficient operational freedoms to ensure its responsiveness and viability. As in most of human endeavours, it is … Read More

New Industry Legislation: The Accounting Profession

March 1, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News, Legal

The Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants has announced plans for a one-day seminar featuring presentations on the new financial services industry legislation as it relates to the accounting profession. The seminar is scheduled for March 13, to be held at the Nassau Marriott. Contact the BICA Secretariat for details – Tel: (242) 394-3439.

Caribbean Investment Profile: The Bahamas Special Report

February 28, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

London-based Caribbean Investment Profiles Limited has released its latest Caribbean Investment Profile featuring The Bahamas. Under the tag line “The Bahamas – Your Future’s Right Here”, the Investment Profile includes 59 different articles on key components of the international services industry in The Bahamas, featuring notables such as the Governor General, Prime Minister, Minister of … Read More

Commercial Investment Properties

February 27, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

Financial Services Industry Spurs Real Estate & Construction Boom In recent years the market for office rentals has been impacted positively by the influx of new private banks, trust companies and other financial services related business. Additionally, many long-standing international financial service companies have undertaken extensive expansion. During the past 2 years, 8 Class A … Read More

The Bahamas Can Be Leader in International Financial Services

January 16, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

CENTRAL BANK GOVERNOR SAYS THE BAHAMAS CAN REASSERT ITSELF AS A LEADER IN INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL SERVICES Addressing the Bahamas Business Outlook Conference 2001 yesterday on the topic “Where Does The Bahamas Go From Here?”, Governor Julian Francis indicated he is convinced that The Bahamas is on the threshold of an entirely new period in its … Read More

Bahamas Finance Minister Calls For Worldwide-Approved Effective, Transparent, Non-Discriminatory Mechanism To Address Challenges

January 16, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

Bahamas Minister of Finance Sir William was one of the featured presenters at Bahamas Business Outlook 2001, addressing the subject of “Global Challenges Facing the Bahamian Economy”. The Minister defined globalization, identified as a significant challenge, as a force creating greater interdependence between national states. The Minister pointed out that “..the challenges now facing international … Read More

Suspicious Transactions Guidelines

January 10, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

Financial Intelligence Unit Preparing To Issue Suspicious Transaction Guidelines – Input To Be Sought From Financial Services Industry The Director of the newly-formed FIU of The Bahamas today issued a public notice indicating its intention to issue suspicious transactions guidelines, in accordance with sections 15 and 16 (1)(b) of the Financial Intelligence Unit Act, 2000 … Read More

KYC Policies Strengthened

January 8, 2001By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER POLICIES STRENGTHENED …Significant Factor of New Legislative Package The Chairman of the Bahamas Financial Services Board has described the new package of financial services legislation now in force as “very strong and robust”. Importantly, there has been tremendous focus on strengthening the Know Your Customer (KYC) policies as part of the legislative … Read More