Prime Minister The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie has delivered his Christmas Message to the People of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

He notes that the nation’s story is one of progress and uplift, of resilience and fortitude, as we remember the challenges of 2016. But, he says, *”so many Bahamians have distinguished themselves with their dedication to work and service to the community,”* and admonishes all of us to continue to work together, so that we can rise together. *”Let us all reach out to one another, embrace each other, look after and love one another.”*

[Prime Minister’s Christmas Message](

*”On behalf of my wife, Bernadette, my family and the Government of The Bahamas, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a bright, healthy and Happy New Year.”*

BFSB, too, extends the very best of the holiday season to all! May you have the spirit of Christmas which is peace, the gladness of Christmas which is hope and the heart of Christmas which is love.