The EU Council has adopted [conclusions]( on the third country aspects of the Commission’s anti-tax-avoidance proposals – confirming the importance of continuing and intensifying action to tackle tax fraud, tax evasion and aggressive tax planning at national, EU and global levels.

The conclusions relate to two elements of the package:

* a communication on an external strategy for effective taxation;
* a recommendation on the implementation of OECD measures against tax treaty abuse.

**Corporate Tax Avoidance**

The Council also adopted rules on the reporting by multinational companies of tax-related information and exchange of that information between member states. The directive is the first element of a January 2016 package of Commission proposals to strengthen rules against corporate tax avoidance. The directive builds on 2015 OECD recommendations to address tax base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS).

The directive will implement OECD anti-BEPS action 13, on country-by-country reporting by multinationals, into a legally binding EU instrument. It covers groups of companies with a total consolidated group revenue of at least €750 million.

Click [here]( for full release and links to the directive.

**Country Specific Recommendations**

Also released are the Council’s conclusions on in-depth reviews and implementation of the [2015 Country Specific Recommendations](