[Global Finance](http://GFMag.com) magazine today [named](https://www.gfmag.com/media/press-releases/global-finance-names-worlds-best-banks-2016) the World’s Best Emerging Markets Banks in Latin America. The exclusive survey will be published in its May 2016 issue.

Global Finance editors – with input from industry analysts, corporate executives and banking consultants – selected the best emerging markets bank in the region and in 26 countries. Criteria for choosing the winners included growth in assets, profitability, strategic relationships, customer service, competitive pricing, and innovative products. In addition, a poll of Global Finance’s corporate readership was conducted in order to increase the accuracy and reliability of the results.

This is the twenty-third year that the magazine has selected top banking performers in emerging markets. The survey awards winners in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

The winner in The Bahamas is Scotiabank, which also captured the honour in Barbados, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, Turks & Caicos and the US Virgin Islands.

*“The world’s banks continue to deal with a number of headwinds – including geopolitical risk, volatile economic and market conditions and still-changing regulatory regimes,”* said Joseph D. Giarraputo, publisher and editorial director of Global Finance. *“We honor those banks that excel at addressing the needs of their clients and have the deepest commitment to the markets in which they operate, despite the uncertain conditions they face.”*

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