Today was the launch of the 8-month Language Cadet Programme offered as part of the financial services industry’s [“Towards a Bilingual Bahamas”]( initiative being hosted in collaboration with the Ministries of Education and Financial Services, along with private sector partners. The Cadets from across schools in New Providence are meeting at C.I. Gibson Sr. High during October and thereafter will meet at the Ministry of Education’s Headquarters on Thompson Boulevard. The programme was [launched]( on August 26.

*Pictured is Ivan Hooper from sponsor firm The Winterbotham Trust Company addressing Cadets on the importance of language learning in today’s global environment. He also spoke to the students on his experiences in Spain, Peru and Uruguay.*

*The photo below shows some of the Language Cadets with BFSB CEO Aliya Allen, the Ministry of Education’s Donella Davis who serves as Project Coordinator for the Rosetta Stone Language Learning programme, and Mario Maldini of The Winterbotham Trust Company. Mr. Maldini also is a feature speaker for sessions later in the programme. Also pictured are some of the teachers supervising the Cadet Programme.*