XOJET, a leading private aviation services company, has provided [data](http://blog.xojet.com/travel-booking-and-tips/top-10-most-popular-caribbean-destinations/) on the firm’s 10 most popular destinations in the wider Caribbean region for the last winter season, and The Bahamas led the way again.

XOJET says its clients explore the most beautiful destinations around the world for business and leisure. *“And from what we hear, it feels good to enjoy all that the world has to offer. Throughout the winter months, there’s no place to relax and unwind quite like the beautiful Caribbean Islands. In 2014, the Caribbean accounted for nearly 20% of our flight activity – and with good reason.”*

Year-after-year, there’s one region that continuously tops every XOJET flyers list of go-to hideaways: the Caribbean Islands. From unparalleled beaches to international fare, have a look at XOJET’s top 10 most popular Caribbean destinations:

1. The Bahamas (Nassau)
2. Turks & Caicos
3. St. Martin
4. Bahamas (Abaco Islands)
5. Bermuda
6. St. Thomas
7. Antigua and Barbuda
8. Anguilla
9. Cayman Islands (Georgetown)
10. The Bahamas (Great Exuma)

According to a media release from XOJet, *“The regions’ open invitation and hospitality invites you to experience it all. Due to the geographical challenges of these locations, private jet charter offers the most convenience when visiting these secluded islands.”*

XOJET is one of the largest private aviation companies in North America. It owns and operates the largest chartered fleet of super midsize jets, and supplements its fleet with a partner network of over 900 jets, all of which are maintained to exceed the highest level of safety standards in the industry. XOJET is the only private aviation company to receive the top two rankings in all twelve ARG/US safety categories.