[International Private Banking Systems](http://www.ipbs.com ) (IPBS), the specialist provider of wealth management software for the international financial services sector, has announced that Bourse Securities Limited and its subsidiaries (Bourse) in Trinidad and Tobago, has completed the roll out of most of the IPBS suite of integrated software.

*“Trinidad and Tobago has grown to be an important regional Financial Centre and the Bourse Group is a well respected institution in this region. IPBS’s ability to service and support the local Trinidad market is an indication of our commitment to this region,”* said Devanand Ramsingh, IPBS’s representative in the south Caribbean region, *”By investing in state of the art wealth management technology to automate its core trading activities, Bourse will ensure that its operations remain highly efficient and competitive.”*

Nadia Abdool, Manager Financial Control & Corporate Services at Bourse said, *”We spent a long time researching the market but could not find anything that met all of our varied and demanding
requirements. Fortunately a recommendation led us to look at wealth management software from IPBS. We quickly realised that IPBS offered a single integrated system with specialised business
functions covering the several different areas that we wanted to automate. We were further attracted to IPBS, as like ourselves, they are headquartered in our region and are a privately owned and
independent company.”*

In Nassau, Bruce Raine, Founder and President of IPBS said, *”Bourse has established a reputation for providing first class services in Trinidad and Tobago and we expect that as the Caribbean region becomes more integrated financially, that Bourse will become a prominent player regionally. The IPBS modules allow companies to deliver innovative services to their client base, based on proven technology. Additionally, our significant experience in many of the Caribbean archipelago jurisdictions has exposed us to the nuances of both international and local capital markets in the region.”*