The finalists for BFSB’s 2010 Financial Services Student of the Year are:

* [D’Andra Letitia Greenslade]( – BBA, Accounting
* [D’Andra Ashley Johnson]( – AA, Law & Criminal Justice
* [Edmund Terran Bain]( – BBA, Accounting
* [Kaymore D. Bethel]( – AA, Law & Criminal Justice
* Tonia A.A. Turnquest – BBA, Accounting

Finalist Profile

##TONIA A.A. TURNQUEST | BBA, Accounting##

Tonia is a 2010 Graduate of the College of the Bahamas (COB) with a BBA in Accounting, with Distinction and the School of Business Award 2010.

She completed her primary and secondary school education in Long Island, graduating from the N.G.M. Major High in 2005. While at COB she also received the COB and Lyford Cay/ Marilu Tolo scholarship (2008-2010), and the Long Islanders Association Scholarship (2005-2007). She remained on the President’s Honor Roll at COB between 2005-2006.

Tonia gained experience in the corporate world during her educational career, working as an Office Assistant at the Long Island Resource Centre, St. Gregory’s Anglican Church and as an Accounting/office Assistant at Premium Discount Liquors. She currently is employed at KPMG as an Assistant Accountant and plans to pursue her CPA designation in 2011.

BFSB will announce the [2010 Student of the Year]( at its annual Industry Excellence Awards Ceremony on October 21, when it will also recognise the Achiever of the Year, Professional of the Year, and Executive of the Year.