Participants in the 6th annual **Bahamas Financial Services Retreat** being held this weekend in Freeport will engage in further discussions on a Strategic Plan and Blueprint for the industry.

*“The Bahamas International Financial Centre is facing an increasingly global competitive environment, particularly as a result of evolving developments in other jurisdictions providing international financial services and the variety of sophisticated financial products that they offer to the market,”* said Wendy Warren, BFSB’s CEO and Executive Director.

She noted that through various discussions, including those captured at the Bahamas Financial Services Retreats, a consensus has formed of the critical need for a strategic and independent review of the industry to secure attractive returns for many years to come.* “The blueprint for growth, including market opportunities, human talent, confidentiality, taxation, regulatory and legal environment, and professional services, will be judiciously and dispassionately reviewed at this year’s Retreat,”* said Ms Warren.