**Sharon Wilson & Co.** is the exclusive law firm member for The Bahamas in **MSI Global Alliance**.

MSI is an international alliance of independent law and accounting firms with more than 250 members in over 100 countries throughout the Caribbean, the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Membership in the alliance is restricted to firms that are independent and medium sized in their market, with the ability to provide a wide range of commercial advisory services across multiple industry sectors. James Mendelsshon, MSI’s Chief Executive, says the Alliance was pleased to appoint a law firm of the calibre of Sharon Wilson & Co. in The Bahamas.

Sharon Wilson & Co. was established in 2000 by former Chief Magistrate and Past President of the Senate, Sharon R. Wilson. Currently the firm has five attorneys, including Supreme Court Justice Neville L. Smith (retired), who is “of counsel” to the firm.