The Bahamas Telecommunications Company limited (BTC) today announced that GPRS roaming service for BlackBerry is available in The Bahamas.

Marlon Johnson, BTC’s Vice President of Marketing & Sales, says with the recent expansion and new roaming agreements BlackBerry provides residents and visitors with always-on, integrated, wireless access to email and data. “An increasing number of mobile professionals are recognizing the productivity benefits of BlackBerry,” according to the VP. In addition to the GPRS Roaming, BTC also announced the upcoming launch of GSM and Blackberry on a number of the Family Islands of The Bahamas.

A complete list of roaming partnerships can be downloaded from BTC’s web site (see below), and BTC says it expects to finalise other agreements going forward, to ensure that whenever its Blackberry customers travel they can be assured of constant access to telephone service as well as the Internet.