**Profiling the Wide Range of Careers
in the Financial Services Industry**

Each year the Bahamas Financial Services Board and Ministry of Education join forces to sponsor a Careers Fest, incorporating exhibits and a lecture series. The event is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Financial Services and Investments, and Rotary Sunrise.

The two-day event focuses solely on careers in the financial services industry, targeting senior level grades in the public and private secondary schools. Sponsored as part of BFSB’s ongoing Financial Centre Focus (FCF) public awareness and education programme, the annual Careers Fest showcases the various career opportunities within financial services.

At the Careers Fest, Exhibits are manned by Industry Professional Associations and Regulators, with each providing details on career options in the respective sectors: banking and trust, compliance, investment funds and securities, insurance, accounting, legal, telecommunications, and real estate. There is participation as well from corporate exhibits, providing a more comprehensive view of the services available in the sector.

Complementing the exhibits is a Lecture Series, focusing on the broad range of careers within the sector – as well as the academic qualifications and skill sets necessary for entering the world of financial services.

The Careers Fest is complemented by a School Essay and Speech Competition. Participating schools select the best overall essay and speech contestant through an internal process, and submit such to BFSB, who selects the overall winner in each competition through a judging process of these “finalists”.

The FCF programme seeks to integrate the industry with the wider community, and its various initiatives address issues such as (a) challenges impacting the sustained growth and development of the industry; (b) improvements to the level of service; and (c) attracting and maintaining qualified professions. Particular attention is placed on highlighting the importance of quality human resources to the industry. Key components of the Financial Focus Centre are an Industry Awards Programme, Industry Media Briefings, and a School Outreach. The Careers Fest was launched in 2001 as part of this last component.

The 2006 Careers Fest will be held on October 10-11 at Sandals Royal Bahamian Hotel. Public and Private Secondary Schools in New Providence have been invited to attend.