Halsbury Chambers, Counsel and Attorneys-at-law, launched a Legal Clinic initiative last month, featuring interactive sessions where experts presented on a broad range of subjects from estate administration and wills and trusts to how to avoid identity theft.

Held under the general theme *”Information You Need for the Life You Want”*, over two successive Saturdays, the sessions covered topics such as *How to Stay on the Good Side of your Bank; Contractor Responsibilities;*and *Divorce – Before Seeing the Lawyers… When Counseling can Save a Marriage.*

Branville McCartney, Halsbury’s Founding Partner, said the clinic provided a forum where information could be shared and ideas exchanged. The primary objective was to provide Bahamians who cannot afford to hire an attorney with free legal advice.

Partner Kenred Dorsett hopes this initiative will be a stepping stone for Bahamians to become more informed and interested in learning about the law and their rights.