The Center for Freedom and Prosperity Foundation (CF&P) will host a **Tax Competition Conference** in Melbourne, Australia on November 14, immediately preceding the OECD’s ** Global Forum on International Tax Policy** scheduled to begin on November 15. A release from the CF&P yesterday announced that its conference will focus on *“the virtues of tax competition and explore the adverse consequences of tax harmonization.”* It is being cohosted by Australia’s Centre for Independent Studies as well as the Washington-based Heritage Foundation.

Mr. Andrew Quinlan, President and Co-Founder of the Centre says this Conference is designed to promote discussion and understanding about tax competition issues; and was scheduled to give non-OECD policy makers useful information as they prepare to meet with the OECD. As such, it is bringing together leading international tax experts from the United States and Australia to discuss how best to preserve tax competition, financial privacy, and fiscal sovereignty.