**Alexander Hanna
Providence Technology Group**

In its interest of promoting The Bahamas’ acceptance of the Internet as a business tool, local company ***Providence Technology Group*** recently hosted two “Business Online” Executive Briefings.

Alexander Hanna, Vice President of Software Solutions at Providence, presented to Executives from a wide range of local business institutions on the potential in taking their businesses online. He maintains that *”a well-implemented website, with functionality for customers to conduct business online, can significantly extend the reach of a company’s business as well as increase an organisation’s competitive advantage.”*

Also present at the Briefing was Mr. Vaughn Delaney, Deputy Managing Director of ***Bank of The Bahamas International***. He pointed out that the Bank’s very successful website, acknowledged by industry as being at the forefront in terms of customer service functionality, has been integral *”in changing the perception of the Bank of the Bahamas in the local market”.*

Providence Technology Group provides a seamless mix of Consulting Solutions, Networking Solutions, Business Solutions and Preferred Partner Solutions.