**Robert Pantry
RBC Financial Group**

At the recent 4th annual Industry Excellence Awards Banquet, hosted by the Bahamas Financial Services Board, the Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson announced Mr. Robert Pantry of Royal Bank’s Credit Card Centre as the winner of the 2004 **”Minister’s Award”** for excellence in the financial services sector. She said Mr. Pantry *”exemplifies excellence in all of its aspects and goes above and beyond the call of duty.”*

The Minister paid tribute to the fact that Bahamians actively participate in the financial services sector, while in most competitor jurisdictions in the region, non nationals are seen as driving the sector.

Mr. Pantry, she said, displays a strong sense of professionalism and has made a significant contribution to the sector. Describing him as a *”quiet warrior who may not garner the headlines, but who has helped to ensure that the financial services sector in The Bahamas remains strong and continues to grow and develop,”* the Minister pointed out that he continues to work to ensure that the community understands and appreciates the difference the financial services sector can make in their individual lives.

In presenting the award, the Minister said Mr. Pantry strives to always provide excellent service, and to ensure the continual skills improvement of himself and his team members, deepening the nation’s intellectual capital – and exemplifying the values celebrated by the Minister’s annual award. Truly understanding the value of an education, the young professional who recently completed his Bachelor of Arts with Honours, made time during his own studies to assist classmates with their work assignments. Significantly, he encouraged some 30 team members to pursue Banking certification with the Bahamas Institute of Financial Services.

In remarks to the Banquet, where BFSB presented its annual awards in 4 categories and profiled 17 “Stars” of the industry, Minister Maynard pointed to the great importance placed by the Bahamas Government on training – and as a part of training, opportunity for exposure. She said, *”We are unwavering in our determination that Bahamians should have the same opportunities to work abroad and on the same terms upon which non Bahamians live and work in The Bahamas. We believe that providing these opportunities is good for the financial institution, good for its employees and good for The Bahamas.”*