**BFSB prepares to select 2004 Student of the Year**

The Bahamas Financial Services Board is in the process of selecting the winner of the annual Business Student of the Year award.

This recognition programme was introduced in 2002 to profile outstanding College of The Bahamas graduates. Nominees are selected based on criteria including a minimum GPA and both College and Community Involvement. Included in the judging process is an interview with all finalists, with a written submission also now a requirement.

The student award is sponsored in collaboration with the College of the Bahamas and the Professional Industry Association Working Group, with the support of the Central Bank of the Bahamas. The focus is on disciplines such as economics, banking and finance, law, accountancy, and computer information systems – for both BBA and AA graduates.

The programme is part of BFSB’s ongoing Financial Centre Focus initiative, which also includes the annual Industry Excellence Awards, and the School Outreach incorporating a Careers Fest and Essay Competition.

The award will be presented at BFSB’s annual Awards Banquet, scheduled this year for October 16.