Hon. Allyson Maynard-Gibson, M.P.
Minister of Financial Services and Investments

Responding to industry recommendation, the Registrar General’s Department has created a special Customer Service Unit, together with a “Hot Line” for customer concerns. Five RGD officers have been assigned to the new Unit, with overall responsibility for establishing and maintaining relationships with all licensed registered agents in The Bahamas.

The Minister of Financial Services and Investments, under whose portfolio the RGD falls, says it is the Government’s intention to restore The Bahamas to its position of prominence in financial services and to remain on the cutting edge of technology and services – securing its position as a number one jurisdiction.

The Customer Service Representatives recently participated in a training/motivational seminar, during which Minister Maynard-Gibson encouraged them to deliver superior services. She said, *”The Registrar General’s Department is the cog in the wheel of doing everything in The Bahamas, and our team understands the importance of this. We are determined to deliver first class service.”*

The Minister also has released a report on the status of the computerisation project at the RGD, specifically the Agent Internet Module system. Phase II of the project which will see full online services at the Corporate Registry is expected to be implemented next month, and will be followed by computerisation of the Civil Registry in Phase III.