The Counsellors Limited and the Bahamas Society of Financial Analysts have announced plans for the 5th Annual Bahamas Investment Conference, to be held on November 5, 2003 at the Radisson Cable Beach Resort. The keynote speaker is Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, Michael Halkitis, whose presentation *”Options and Issues for the Bahamas Financial Investor”*, mirrors the theme of the Conference.

The event, established in 1999 as a forum to measure both the performance of publicly traded companies and the Bahamian investment climate, will also examine a number of investment vehicles available to Bahamians, including real estate, stocks, and private pension funds. Kenwood Kerr, Manager of Investment Services at SG Hambros Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Limited will discuss these investment opportunities in the context of the Bahamian economy with his presentation on options for gaining access to capital.

Other speakers include John Rolle, Senior Economist at the Central Bank of The Bahamas; Keith Davies, Chief Legal and Compliance Officer, BISX; Thomas Bain, former Managing Director of JP Morgan and Chairman of the BahamaTel Consortium; Garth Buckner, President of the Bahamas Real Estate Association; and Anthony Robinson, Managing Director of FOCOL.

Conference organizers say in addition to allowing individuals who are interested in investing to identify profitable investment opportunities, presenters will also provide information to would-be investors on how to research prospects and their viability.

This year’s Bahamas Investment Conference is sponsored by the Society of Financial Analysts, BISX, FOCOL, and The Counsellors Ltd. Registration costs $60 and includes lunch.