Colina Insurance Company has entered the general insurance market, a move that will “add value” to the Colina Financial Group. Colina Insurance earlier this year completed its merger with Global Life Assurance, now boasting assets and revenues of $175 million and $55 million, respectively.

The merger is being viewed as yet another step to position Colina to be competitive not only locally, but from a regional and international perspective.

The Colina Financial Group is a diversified financial services company, and Colina Insurance Company President James Campbell says that the network of sales representatives and agents now have the opportunity to sell financial services products offered by other Colina subsidiaries. Along with insurance, these include investments and mortgages and pensions. *”We are in a position to train staff to be ‘financial services’ representatives”,*he said, adding that staff can take a very complete, very holistic needs-based approach to individuals.