**Combating Terrorist Financing**

Emerging from a September 27 meeting in Washington, D.C. Group of Seven Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors issued a statement reaffirming strong commitment to combat terrorist financing.

The officials applauded the agreement by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank on a comprehensive methodology to conduct assessments of the Financial Action Task Force’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing recommendations.

**Support to FATF Initiatives**

The IMF, World Bank, and United Nations were called on to work with the FATF in its identification of jurisdictions requiring assessments and technical assistance.

At Friday’s meeting, Ministers and Governors also urged the FATF to develop guidance on combating the abuse of non-profit organisations, alternative remittance systems, and fund transfers; and to make measures for freezing assets more effective.

**Sustainable Growth**

At the conclusion of the meeting, participants pledged continued commitment to sound economic policies and structural reforms, and to working together to *”improve corporate disclosure, enhance corporate accountability, and strengthen the indepedence of auditing.”*

These policies, accompanied by continued vigilance and cooperation, were seen an essential to strengthening growth in the coming months, thus supporting sustained expansion.