Internet Service Provider Bahamas On-Line has entered into an agreement with iPass, allowing its users to access their email accounts and to surf the www while in The Bahamas, using a local connection.

In commenting on the expanded eRoam service being offered, Wendy C. Warren, CEO and Executive Director of the Bahamas Financial Services Board, said *”This is yet another indication of the strides being made by the private sector in achieving the nation’s stated goal of developing a networked economy.”*

Mark Sweeting, Vice President, Internet Operations at Bahamas On-line, points out that iPass users no longer have to incur long distance charges when accessing the Internet while visiting The Bahamas.

*”In today’s global economy, Internet and email access has become a necessity of doing business. The maintenance of a digital society must be an integral part of any development strategy,”* continued Ms. Warren. The global roaming capability was described as yet another indication of technological development in The Bahamas, and one with particular value for the business community.

BOL also is seeking to enhance the roaming capabilities for its own customers, with negotiations underway with iPass for a deal to expand the number of countries in which BOL subscribers can eRoam. It currently has a partnership with Global Roaming Internet Corporation (GRIC), which includes some 150 countries.

Earlier in the month, Bahamas On-line had announced that it is now an Official AOL GlobalNet Member. The agreement with GRIC for e-roaming services means that America On-Line’s more than 33 million subscribers can surf the Web hassle-free when vacationing or visiting The Bahamas.

Through the same eROAM agreement with GRIC, Bahamas On-Line offers Bahamian Internet subscribers the ability to “roam” when they travel, again by using their regular user ID but by dialing a local number to their current location at the price of a local call. This eliminates having to dial internationally and incur long distance charges.