The purpose of the Bahamas Investments & Securities Business Association (BISBA) is to promote a public and mutual understanding of the securities and investment management sectors of the financial services industry. We were formed to join in meetings and conventions as an association to deal with challenges of the industry, practitioners and the investing community, who we believe depend on us to safeguard their retirement years. We were formed to look with an eye of professional acceptance, and find solutions to the issues and problems faced by investors, financial advisors, brokers and dealers and fund administrators in the financial services business.

The association was formed to benefit local and international investors, by assisting with standard maintenance in business, promotion of knowledge, continuing education, and by advocating accountability and responsibility, wherever capital is being invested within or from within The Bahamas.

We will be vested with the responsibility of maintaining our business as an honorable profession. We will bridge the gap between local and international practitioners in order to streamline education and opportunities in our business.

All of the above will be addressed while considering the effect our work will have on our members and the economy. We will foster and build upon the influence and impression our organization will have on investors and affiliated institutions, as well as the impact our practices and choices will have on international economic climates.

Directors 2012

  • President – Brian Jones
  • Vice-President – Reece Chipman
  • Treasurer – Bradley Crawley Jr
  • Secretary – Ivylyn Cassar
  • Director – Anthony Ferguson
  • Director – Antoine Bastian
  • Director – Andrew Rolle


Brian Jones, President
Phone: 242 601-2001
Fax: 242 889-9898


Montague Sterling Centre
#13 East Bay Street
P. O. Box SS-19019
Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas