The Telecommunications Act

February 15, 2000Legal

A Bill for The Telecommunications Act was introduced in the Parliament at the end of 1999 and passed early in the New Year. The Act will create a new legal … Read More

Year 2000 Plan

February 15, 2000BFSB News

The BFSB Y2K plan is available for download as an Acrobat PDF file. Click the link below to download the document.

BFSB Year End Report

February 15, 2000BFSB News

The year end report for 1999 is now available for visitors to download. The file is in Acrobat PDF format and can be downloaded using the link below.

Vacation Plan and Time-Sharing Act 1999

February 14, 2000Legal

The Bahamas Vacation Plan and Time-Sharing Act 1999 came into force earlier this year. The legislation provides for the creation, regulation, and management of time-sharing and vacation projects, and for … Read More


February 14, 2000E-Business & ICT

Rapidly increasing technology will have a profound affect on all commercial activity, making it impossible to erect the traditional boundaries that have contributed to how commerce is conducted. Minister of … Read More

Amendment to Money Laundering Act

February 14, 2000Legal

Cited as a valuable tool in the fight against international crime, The Money Laundering (Proceeds of Crime) Amendment Act was passed in the House of Assembly during 1999. The amendment … Read More