Vacation Plan and Time-Sharing Act 1999

February 14, 2000By @BahamasFSBLegal

The Bahamas Vacation Plan and Time-Sharing Act 1999 came into force earlier this year. The legislation provides for the creation, regulation, and management of time-sharing and vacation projects, and for the protection of purchasers of time-sharing and vacation plans. There are some 28 time-sharing projects with more than 900 time-share units and more than 48,000 … Read More


February 14, 2000By @BahamasFSBE-Business & ICT

Rapidly increasing technology will have a profound affect on all commercial activity, making it impossible to erect the traditional boundaries that have contributed to how commerce is conducted. Minister of Finance William Allen has referred to the world wide web as a boundary-less, unregulated, omnipresent medium challenging the present legal and commercial frameworks. One, he … Read More

Amendment to Money Laundering Act

February 14, 2000By @BahamasFSBLegal

Cited as a valuable tool in the fight against international crime, The Money Laundering (Proceeds of Crime) Amendment Act was passed in the House of Assembly during 1999. The amendment brings the Act in line with the tracing and forfeiture of proceeds of the Drug Trafficking Act (Section 21). It provides for the enforcement of … Read More

Bahamas Financial Services Guide

February 14, 2000By @BahamasFSBIndustry News

Coming in April 2000 The Bahamas Financial Services Guide: A definitive handbook on all financial and related services, this BFSB publication will be a complete reference guide of information, written and compiled by practitioners in the industry. It will provide industry companies the opportunity for promotion through a medium with broad international reach and appeal.