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Highlights of the BFSB International Business Summit 2019
The Bahamas Financial Services Board hosted its annual International Business & Finance Summit (IBFS) at the Hilton Resorts World Bimini on 28 February through 2 March 2019. Click above to watch a short highlights video and click on the right arrow to view more in-depth interviews.
Linda Beidler D'Aguilar, Glinton Sweeting O'Brien
In this video, shot at the recent IBFS event in Bimini, The Bahamas, Linda Beidler D'Aguilar, Partner at Glinton Sweeting O'Brien discusses that advantages that The Bahamas can offer family offices and investment companies.
Tanya McCartney, Bahamas Financial Services Board
In this video, Tanya McCartney, CEO of The Bahamas Financial Services Board introduces some of the highlights of the BFSB 2019 IBFS event in Bimini​​​​​​.
Diego Zuluaga, The CATO Institute
A guest panelist Diego Zuluaga, policy analyst at Washington-based US think tank The CATO Institute, discusses the need for and future look of offshore financial centres and how The Bahamas sits within this ever-evolving world.
Brent Symonette, The Bahamas Government
In this video, Brent Symonette, Minister for Financial Services, The Bahamas Government, outlines why a collaborative approach between government, the private sector and outside partners brings a 'cutting edge' to the region.
John Delaney, Delaney Partners
John Delaney of Delaney Partners explains how a mix of historical expertise alongside an evolving financial services structure allows The Bahamas to continue to thrive.
Antoine Bastian, Genesis Fund Services
Antoine Bastian, Managing Director, Genesis Fund Services outlines how the emergence of Smart fund in recent times has given The Bahamas the edge. He also talks about forthcoming proposals that will further boost the use investment funds in the region
Aliya Allen, Graham Thompson
In this video Allen explains the emergence and growing importance of financial technology (fintech) and how this “natural evolution” will allow the region to flourish.
Michael Allen, Higgs & Johnson
Michael Allen, Higgs & Johnson, discusses the potential impact that updating the aviation register will bring and how the connection between financial services and aviation can boost business on both fronts.

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