LATAM Advisor: The Bahamas Will See Results With ICON

October 2, 2015By @BahamasFSBAsset Management, BFSB News, Industry News, Newsletter

Speaking at AIBT’s 2015 Nassau Conference held in Nassau, The Bahamas Horacio Woycnik, partner at Harney Westwood Reigels in Uruguay, congratulated The Bahamas on its foresight and engagement with Brazilian advisors in ICON’s development. ICON (the Bahamas Investment Condominium) is The Bahamas’ latest structure for the organization of investment funds, a contractual agreement between participants … Read More

GATEWAY – Winter Edition

January 14, 2015By @BahamasFSBBFSB News, Industry News, Newsletter

The latest edition of “Gateway – The Bahamas Financial Review” is [online]( The annual magazine is a key “Bahamas Advantages” brand delivery vehicle; it mirrors the objectives of the brand: (i) differentiate this jurisdiction from its regional competitors; (ii) communicate the high standard of financial services; and (iii) increase awareness of and remind our client … Read More

Trading Hub for Renminbi – Welcome News for the Financial Services Sector

January 7, 2015By @BahamasFSBBusiness, Newsletter, The Economy

The Bahamas Government announced earlier today there has been an agreement with the Chinese President that would allow The Bahamas to trade in Chinese denominated currency, the Renminbi (RMB). The Renminbi is the official currency of the People’s Republic and literally means “people’s currency”. Chinese currency generally is referred to also as the Yuan, a … Read More

New Minister of Financial Services

January 5, 2015By @BahamasFSBIndustry News, Newsletter

Over this past weekend, the Cabinet Office announced the appointment of The Hon. Hope Strachan, Member of Parliament for Sea Breeze, as the new Minister of Financial Services with effect from Monday, January 12th, 2015. Minister Strachan previously served as Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, a position she held since … Read More

Nassau – Top Destination for Private Jet Charters

December 26, 2014By @BahamasFSBAviation and Transport, Business, Newsletter, The Economy

Private jet charter operator PrivateFly recently released an analysis of flight activity to the Caribbean, tracking the jet stream of the Super Rich. Reported figures indicated there were 12,566 charter flights to the ten busiest Caribbean airports alone during last winter, the high season for Caribbean travel. Based on available data on average “destination spend” … Read More

IBFS 2015 to Profile Blend of International and Domestic Speakers

December 23, 2014By @BahamasFSBBFSB News, Industry News, Newsletter

Plans for the Bahamas Financial Services Board-sponsored [International Business & Finance Summit]( (IBFS) are well underway. The event, scheduled for Feb 6-8 at the Grand Lucayan in Grand Bahama, brings together the top tier executives and management of the Bahamian financial and business community as well as senior government and regulatory representatives and officials. BFSB … Read More

Bahamas Signs FATCA IGA

November 3, 2014By @BahamasFSBIndustry News, International Issues, Newsletter, Tax Co-operation

After substantially agreeing the terms of its IGA on April 17, 2014, on November 3rd The Bahamas completed the necessary formalities and signed the [intergovernmental agreement]( with the US Treasury relative to implementing FATCA. FATCA enabling legislation and Bahamas specific guidance will be released shortly. Article Three outlines the time and manner for exchange of … Read More

Bahamas Rolls Out ICONIC New Product- the Investment Condominium (ICON)

November 3, 2014By @BahamasFSBAsset Management, BFSB News, Industry News, Newsletter

In August and September The Bahamas promoted the new ICON in [Brazil]( and Mexico. ICON is a new structure for the organization of an investment fund under Bahamian law. While ICON has no legal personality, it is deemed able to hold assets in its name when represented by its administrator. The liability of the participants … Read More