Twenty-six Parliamentarians have now signed a concordat calling on governments to support greater tax transparency by multinational companies. The signatories were in London for today’s [Global Tax Transparency Summit](, hosted by the Committee of Public Accounts and attended by delegates from jurisdictions with a combined population of more than two billion people.

The Parliamentarians agreed that future work should explore:

* VAT; taxation and high net worth individuals in sport and entertainment
* Further work on tax transparency, focusing on those who advise and facilitate companies and individuals
* Holding a follow-up conference in Canada in 2017, the 150th anniversary of Canadian Confederation
* Broadening the umbrella of Parliamentarians and other stakeholders scrutinising tax collaboratively
* Collaborating in real-time on coordinated work across Parliaments

Delegates also took part in four plenary sessions examining global tax transparency, action to combat tax avoidance, efforts to drive change in the international tax system and the impact of tax avoidance on the developing world.

[Commons Select Committee Release](

[Parliamentarians sign concordat on greater transparency for international tax system](