Students from the Corporate Governance class of The College of The Bahamas’s (COB) LL.B. Programme recently were treated to a special session at the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) with CEO Keith Davies and COO Holland Grant. The Exchange Executives spoke not only about BISX but generally about domestic securities law, and the listing and trading of securities.

CEO Davies welcomed the opportunity to meet with the next generation of legal professionals saying,*“These young lawyers in training will be the generation that writes the next iteration of the BISX Rules and the Securities Industry Act. It is important to ensure that they are familiar with what went into previous versions of these documents.”*

While at BISX, the students also were able to hear about the direct application of corporate governance principles, including the role of directors’ duties, with the application of theoretical principles to real world scenarios bringing alive the issues discussed in the classroom setting.

COO Grant noted that BISX has a long history with the College, acknowledging that the education and orientation initiatives represent some of the best ways *”to invest in those persons that will become future employees, future investors and future business partners.”*