**Regional Human Resource Development Strategy and Action Plan**

The [Caribbean Development Bank](http://www.caribank.org/) (CDB) plans to launch a new Education and Training Policy and Strategy later in 2016, incorporating input from some of the Caribbean Region’s key stakeholders. The Bank has undertaken a consultative process to ensure that the document, which will guide its funding and support for education and training in the Region, is aligned to countries’ specific needs. In addition to guiding the Bank’s development assistance to its Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs), the Strategy and Policy will take into account regional and global agendas on education.

*“As we contemplate a new education development agenda, we should be innovative and bold,”* said Deidre Clarendon, Division Chief, Social Sector Division, CDB, during the recent opening of the Regional Consultation. *“The new Policy and Strategy will focus our attention on the existing disparities within the system and will be designed to strengthen the capacity of education systems in BMCs. It will help these countries achieve positive learning outcomes and contribute to building a high-quality knowledge economy in the Region,”* she noted.

CDB’s new Education and Training Policy and Strategy builds on the results of a comprehensive review of the existing 2004 Policy and Strategy. The development of the new version complements CDB’s ongoing collaboration with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to prepare a Regional Human Resource Development Strategy and Action Plan.