The Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) has announced that open-ended investment Fund Star Capital Fund ICON (Star Capital) has been added to the roster of funds listed on the Exchange. Star Capital is established as an Investment Condominium under the Investment Condominium Act, 2014 and is registered as a Smart Fund 007 under the Investment Funds Act, 2003. It is the first [Investment Condominium (ICON)]( listed on The Bahamas International Securities Exchange.

BISX Chief Executive Officer Keith Davies says *“We are pleased to have listed our very first ICON on BISX. The innovation of the Bahamian Financial Services sector continues to be demonstrated through the value added products such as ICONs that are being created.”*

CFAL securities served as the BISX Sponsor Member that brought this Fund to the Exchange, while TAG Corporate Services Limited has been appointed as the Administrator for the fund and Swan Capital Limited acts in the capacity of Investment Manager.