With the launch of the official [BCSD website](http://www.bcsd.bs/), Bahamian shareholders now have instant access to critical information including an events calendar which highlights scheduled dividend payments, as well as AGM dates. The website also addresses the most frequently asked questions and features the downloadable forms required for processing transactions.

The Bahamas Central Securities Depository (BCSD) was incorporated as a joint venture between Royal Fidelity Merchant Bank & Trust Limited (RFMBT), Colina Financial Advisors (CFAL) and the Bahamas International Securities Exchange (BISX) in 2009.

As the primary share registrar and transfer agent in The Bahamas, BCSD assists a range of companies by managing relationships with their shareholders and other financial stakeholders. **Looking ahead, our website will continue to evolve into an extensive resource for education and interaction, accessible to an audience of all ages and backgrounds throughout The Bahamas,”* remarked Ms. Nerika Burrows, President of BCSD.