The Bahamas Millennials Society (BMS) held its first Annual General Meeting (AGM) yesterday in the Boardroom of the Bahamas Financial Services Board. The BMS is a voluntary, membership-based programme open to financial services sector millennials – i.e. those born between 1979 – 1993. Eligible are employees of BFSB member firms; also eligible are students studying full-time or part time in a degree related to financial services, law, technology or real estate – either at the College of the Bahamas or abroad. [BFSB launched the BMS in November 2014]( after [months of planning](, but it now has become an independent society; it retains the three [key objectives]( established for the initiative at inception: exposure, networking and mentorship for millennials within the industry.

Those elected to the 2016 Management Committee are:

* President: Khrystle Rutherford Ferguson, Fidelity Bank & Trust
* Vice President: Taran Mackey, IPG Family Office
* Treasurer: Melissa Smith, Julius Baer Bank & Trust
* Secretary: Talitha Wallace, Fidelity Bank & Trust

President Rutherford Ferguson says she expects a great deal of the newly elected management team and that she is looking forward to the future of the society. *“I am honored to have been given this opportunity. My team and I look forward to adding value to our fellow Millennials engaged in the Financial Services sector. A recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs describes Millennials as one of the largest generations in history; one that will reshape the economy and will force companies to examine how they do business for decades to come.”*

She continues, *“The Bahamas Millennial Society was launched to offer exposure, networking and mentoring opportunities to all of our members, thereby ensuring the continued growth of our industry. We anticipate an exciting term filled with enriching and diverse activities for both professional and personal advancement.”*

Photo Caption: Khrystle Rutherford Ferguson, President (Fidelity Bank); Melissa Smith, Treasurer (Julius Baer); Tanya McCartney, CEO (Bahamas Financial Services Board); Talitha Wallace, Secretary (Fidelity Bank); Taran Mackey, Vice President (IPG Family Office)