A survey of the top 5 percent of wealthy Americans ranks which beach paradises are the most beloved vacation spots for the very, very wealthy. [Resonance Consultancy](http://resonancereport.com/collections/frontpage/products/2016-us-luxury-travel-report ) surveyed 1,664 travelers, with the top 1 percent defined as those with annual income above $400,000 or a net worth above $8 million. The 5 percent were classified as earning at least $200,000 per year or having $2 million or more. Destinations not appearing on the list (e.g. Cuba, Curaçao) received 3 percent or less of the response.

The Bahamas was ranked #1, with commentary noting *“…with 700 islands the country, the nation still offers some of the best chances for unadulterated escape, especially if you’re into the sport of bonefishing or the sport of private-villa buying.”* Also credited was easy accessibility for The Bahamas’ popularity – commercial flights vs. private jet vs. yacht – and standout resorts like Paradise Island’s One&Only Ocean Club.

Click [here](http://www.bloomberg.com/news/photo-essays/2016-02-01/the-most-popular-caribbean-islands-among-the-super-rich) for a Bloomberg Business article on the Resonance Consultancy report.