The Bahamas Government, in partnership with the [Inter-American Development Bank]( (IDB), has launched the [Emerging and Sustainable Cities Initiative](,6656.html) (ESCI) for Nassau.

ESCI now covers over 50 emerging cities in Latin America and the Caribbean and supports efforts to improve the quality of life of citizens. The ESCI Nassau programme will utilise a multi-faceted methodology of rapid diagnosis and application to identify interventions that will help protect the city from natural disasters related to climate change, create job opportunities for local residents, and build more inclusive public spaces in Nassau. The programme is intended to improve the quality of life in Nassau and New Providence.

ESCI Nassau includes a diagnostic and an action plan, which are funded by a $1.1 million technical cooperation grant from the Inter-American Development Bank. The action plan will identify policy recommendations, priority actions, and strategic investments to address Nassau’s future growth and development. Studies also are being conducted on a wide range of related topics, including: transportation and mobility, water and sanitation, flooding hazards, solid waste management, and smart city applications for New Providence.

The Sustainable Nassau project is one of three initiatives led by the Economic Development & Planning Unit (EDPU) of the Office of the Prime Minister with the support of the IDB that aims to address the need for long-term, comprehensive, and inclusive planning processes in The Bahamas. Other projects include the National Development Plan and the Andros Sustainable Development Master Plan.