[The Bahamas International Securities Exchange](http://www.bisxbahamas.com) (BISX) has announced that the Government of The Bahamas successfully completed the listing process for all of the Notes that comprise Tranche 3 of Bahamas Government Stock. As a result, the Notes have been added to the roster of securities listed on the Exchange and each Note will trade separately and independently on the Exchange under its own symbol through the BISX Automated Trading System (BATS).

Bahamas Government Stock (BGS) are securities issued by the Government of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas that can be immediately listed and traded over BISX. The BGS Programme began in December 2014 and the Notes just listed become the third tranche to be offered and then listed on the Exchange. The offering period for Tranche 3 was in June 2015.

Keith Davies, the BISX Chief Executive notes: *“We are happy to add an additional tranche of BGS to the two existing tranches listed on BISX. The real time pricing and trading of BGS in a regulated and free market is an essential step in the growth of The Bahamian capital markets. Government debt the world over is the security used for establishing the benchmark risk pricing against which all other securities in a capital market are judged and so we are happy to add more government securities that contribute to the evolution of our market.”*