Citywealth has published its IFC Power Women Top 200 List for 2015. Running for the third consecutive year, this prestigious list honours 200 of the most powerful women in government, private wealth, private client advisory, education and philanthropy across the International Financial Centres.

The list has been compiled from a number of sources. Part of the research was generated by last year’s list and the 2015 edition of the Citywealth Leaders List. This was combined with recommendations from leading figures in the financial service industry and from a call for submissions during the year.

Listed alphabetically by jurisdiction and last name, these powerful women from diverse backgrounds are trailblazers in their field, helping to promote business excellence in their home jurisdiction and consolidating the reputations of the financial services industry globally.

**What makes a Citywealth Power Woman?**

In order to define Power Women, Citywealth conducted a research compiled from more than fifty interviews with board level women from organisations such as UBS and Deloitte. The findings reveal that these women have a new style of management called Synergetic Leadership.

They share the same qualities to achieve this collaborative style that resonates with the modern workforce. While they are confident, result orientated, innovative and push themselves, they also have high emotional intelligence, kindness and integrity, and believe in “we leadership”, motivating in both up and down cycles.

*“Congratulations to the women who made the list this year. By highlighting their achievements we aim to remove barriers for their continued advancement and pave the way for others to follow in their success,”* says Karen Jones, founder and CEO of Citywealth.

The 2015 IFC Power Women Top 200 List also brings these women’s own views on hot topics, such as quotas for women, inspirational role models and charitable giving.

CityWealth notes that its survey of leading women reached twenty five countries, more than one hundred and twenty five organisations and eight industries within the private wealth management financial services sector. *”The deal sizes these women are working on split equally between women dealing with transactions and investments worth circa $5million up to $350million and a second tier dealing with transactions and investments of between $1billion up to $55billion. An approximate calculation puts our IFC women as dealing with a total of $160billion within their career lifespan so far.”*

Click [here]( for the full list of the 2015 IFC Power Women Top 200.

Note: The report features eight Top Power Women from The Bahamas (7 from the financial services sector), including former BFSB CEO & Executive Director Aliya Allen, who noted, *”The Bahamas is a matriarchal society and our financial services industry is dominated by women in many ways.”*