The Bahamas Financial Services Board has released the names of the industry practitioners to be recognised at its upcoming [Awards Gala Dinner]( on November 20. At that time, the 2015 Recipients in each category will be announced as well.

The [awards programme]( was introduced in 2001, as part of an overarching Financial Centre Focus (FCF) outreach, an integral part of which is the profiling of the depth and breadth of talent within the financial service sector. The nominees for the 2015 Awards are:


* Jeffrey B. Burnside, Messenger, Archives Associate, Bank of The Bahamas Limited
* Khalila Tsavousis-Duncombe, Assistant Relationship Manager, Julius Baer Bank & Trust (Bahamas) Limited
* Lorca A. Bowe, Authorized Officer, Business Risk Specialist, UBS Trustees (Bahamas) Ltd.
* Lyneer A. Burrows Hemmings, Sr. Personal Banking Officer, Fidelity Bank
* Shandra J. Bain, Jr. Client Relationship Manager, Societe Generale Private Banking (Bahamas) Ltd.
* Shannal W. Jones, Associate, Fiduciary Services, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited
* Shereena L.K. Gaitor-Sargent, Supervisor, Banking Execution, The Winterbotham Trust Company Ltd.
* Tamara S. Fawkes-Smith, Accounts Receptionist, Commonwealth Bank Limited
* Tiffany A. Smith, CFA, Investment Manager, Colina Financial Advisors Ltd. (CFAL)


* Andrea Azeez-Quant, Vice President, Banking & Finance, The Winterbotham Trust Company Ltd.
* Anthea B. Delaney-Cox, VP, Training & Human Resources, Commonwealth Bank Limited
* Damian Forbes, CFA, Sr. Investment Portfolio Manager, Deltec Bank & Trust Limited
* Patricia M. Bain-Johnson, Human Resources Manager, Societe Generale Private Banking (Bahamas) Ltd.
* Tianya K. Johnson, Manager, Card Services, Bank of The Bahamas


* Franklyn Thomas, Sr. Manager, Consumer Lending, Commonwealth Bank Limited
* Jacqueline V. Gardiner, Underwriting Manager, Colina General Insurance Agents & Brokers Limited


* Denise D. Curry Turnquest, Sr. VP, Credit Risk, Commonwealth Bank Limited
* Marie Cargill, Regional Director, Risk Management Legal Counsel, The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company (Bahamas) Limited

BFSB CEO Aliya Allen says all of these individuals have demonstrated outstanding commitment to themselves, their organisations and to the Financial Services Industry of The Bahamas as a whole. *“It is with great pride – and optimism for the sustainability of the sector – that BFSB recognises each and every one of them.”*